Customize a Phone Case

To offer the most value to our customers, FixTingz has partnered with Branzo NYC to provide the option of customizing unique, one-of-one premium phone cases. 

What kind of designs can you put on your case? Any design of your choice really, it can be a favorite photo of yours, your favorite artwork, or your very own brand logo. 

All Cases are produced and shipped by Branzo NYC

A custom phone case allows you to transform your bland/average looking smartphone into a custom piece designed by you, straight from your phone. Its as easy as 123...

Just because you have the same phone as others, doesn't mean your phone has to look the same as theirs. With a custom case from Branzo NYC you can have your phone stand out and look different from the all the rest. Your phone suddenly goes from basic looking to eye-catching.

By customizing a case with your artwork or logo on it, you can bring more exposure to your brand and artistic creations. Think about the amount of time your phone spends in your hand or on table in public view, how many eyes do you estimate come across your phone daily? Promote yourself, get your exposure. Don't work harder, work smarter.